Kia maiabe strong

Kia maia be strong

Kia toabe brave

Kia toa be brave

Kia manawanuibe of good heart

Kia manawanuibe of good heart


I’m offering support to midwifery students and newly graduated midwives (incl. MFYP) who are still finding their feet within the midwifery world.
I offer guidance, a safe, neutral and confidential space for discussions, reflections and knowledge exchange to doulas and birth workers, as well as experienced midwives who would like to deepen their knowledge within natural birthing and home birth care.

Mentoring can take place in person or online.

Throughout the last 20 years, I have gained extensive experience in receiving and giving guidance to fellow birth workers and I feel it’s a privilege and necessity to share our ancient but also most updated wisdom


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Where you can find me

39 Puutikitiki St
Hamilton East
Hamilton 3216